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Lucas Olmedo

CEO & co-founder

Smile, Enjoy, Dream, Never give up, Change the world - that sums me. I'm CEO of the company and in charge of the business development and strategy, as well as being Fligoo's number one fan.

Juan Cruz Garzon

Head of operations & co-founder

I'm the COO of the company, so I look at the long-term vision and organization of the company. I'm crazy about metrics and details, and music and longboarding.

Marcos Martinez

Head of technology & co-founder

I'm a coffee-drinker that's crazy about motorcycles. I'm the software engineer and Head of Technology of Fligoo, and I'm so much a perfectionist that it's almost sickening. I'm a passionate entrepreneur, and you can definitely call me a geek!

Jose Gonzalez Ruzo

Head of marketing & co-founder

I'm the ad-man and CMO of Fligoo. I'm in charge of putting ideas together, branding, and creativity in the service of innovation. When I'm not focusing on user experience, I'm most likely having a barbecue.

Nicolas Parodi

Software developer

I'm the ninja developer for Fligoo. I love music, software development, and definitely my friends, who may or may not get a gift from me.

Agustin Rozadas

Financial reporting

Challenge seeker and always looking to learn new things. At fligoo I focus on the financials and making the best decisions to grow the company. My fligoo personality is "Sports Fan" because I love sports, mainly soccer.

Francisco Macagno

Web designer

I work every day with the team designing and improving fligoo. I like movies, video games and I love internet. The best gift for me is to work doing what I love.

Delfina Moyano

Tag developer

I'm the typical dreamy girl, crazy about traveling and knowing the entire world. Ambitious and perfectionist. Essential things in my life? Movies, music and definitely my friends.