We are based in San Francisco, CA with development operations in Cordoba, Argentina. We are laser-focused on solving the overwhelming problem of discovering content from around the web that is personalized, fresh and entertaining.


We built a multi-disciplinary and innovative team that has to build a world-class personalized content discovery feed that appeals to hyper-connected users.

Marcos Martinez
Head of technology & co-founder
Delfina Moyano
Tag Developer
Juan Cruz Garzón
Head of operations & co-founder
Nicolás Parodi
Software developer
José Gonzalez Ruzo
Head of marketing & co-founder
Agustin Rozadas
Financial reporting
Francisco Macagno
Visual Designer
Lucas Olmedo
CEO & co-founder
Ilya Shereshevsky
Marketing Consultant
Mariano Heredia
iOS Developer
Brenna Willis
UX Designer


We're always looking for smart, creative people to join our team in San Francisco or Argentina. Our team members value the freedom to impact multiple areas of building a world-class product. We value and respect our team's opinions regardless of experience level.



We offer a truly open work environment where all team members are motivated to impact Freshfeed's development efforts. All employees are encouraged to attend cool events, take time off to learn new skills, and hang out with their co-workers outside of work hours.

We also have a flexible policy of "working & travelling" abroad to South America. We encourage people to discover new things, people and experiences specially in Argentina, Chile and Brazil where we have a presence.